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Wesley can provide one-stop solution for dialysis from establishment of a Dialysis Center to subsequent service based on customers' request. Our company can provide service of dialysis center design as well as all  devices that the center should be equipped with, which will bring customers convenience and high efficiency.

pic_15 Hemodialysis Equipment

pic_15 Hemodialysis Water System

pic_15 AB Concentration Supply System

pic_15 Reprocessor

Is applicable for acute chronic renal failure and other blood purification treatment.

China Overall Solution of Haemodialysis

Haemodialysis Device Leading Supplier

Haemodialysis Center Design

Chengdu Wesley is with 6 structural design personnel and 8 software and electrical design personnel. The company has obtained software development copyrights, ensuring equipment maintenance and software upgrades. We have ability to provide suggestion to dialysis center for functional area zoning for customer reference and provide floor design map for customer under infrastructure stage.

Below is design for a Haemodialysis Center for reference:

Haemodialysis Center Design

Provide one-stop devices in a Haemodialysis Center

Chengdu Wesley, as a manufacturer of whole sets machine of haemodialysis machine, with its advanced technology and over 20 years' experience engineer for R&D, will provide customers one-stop devices supplying, which is more convenient and effective.
Chengdu Wesley can provide below devices:
pic_15 Haemodialysis Machine: for dialysis treatment.
pic_15 Dialysis Chair/Dialysis Bed: for patient use during treatment.
pic_15 RO Water Purification System: to produce qualified RO water for dialysis use.
pic_15 Dialyzer Reprocessing Machine: to disinfect multi-use dialyzer for reuse, save costs.
pic_15 Automatic Mixing Machine: to mix A/B dialysis powder to A/B dialysis concentration.
pic_15 Concentration Central Delivery System: to deliver A/B dialysis concentration directly to haemodialysis machine.
pic_15 Consumables for dialysis use etc.

Technical Support for Dialysis

Chengdu Wesley, with more than 15 years experience in dialysis field, we have a professional engineer team which can provide design suggestion,machine maintenance and after-sales service for our customers.

We have mature overseas technical team to provide our customer on-line or on-site service to full support dialysis center running.

On-Line Technical Support

On-Line Technical Support

Technical Support for Dialysis1

On-Site Training for End User Engineer

Technical Support for Dialysis2

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