Automatic A/B Powder Mixing System

pic_15 Reduce work for staff.

pic_15 Safe and accurate concentration preparation.

Product Detail

Applicable Range

pic_15  Automatically prepare A/B concentration.
pic_15 Note: A and B powder need use different mixing system.

Product Features

Eddy current rotating mix, anti-corrosion materials, one-key operation, automatic program, personlised installation design.


Standard Specification
Voltage AC220V±10%
Frequency 60Hz±1%
Power 1KW
Water requirement temperature 10℃~30℃, The water quality meets or surpasses the water quality requirements of dialysis water in YY0572-2015 Water for Hemodialysis and Related Therapeutic Use.
Environment ambient temperature 5℃~40℃, relative humidity not more than 80%, atmospheric pressure 70KPa~106KPa, no strong acid, strong alkali and other volatile gases, no dust and electromagnetic interference, avoid direct sunlight, and ensure good air fluidity.
Drainage  Drainage outlet (≥ 1.5 inch), the ground should be waterproof and leakage.
Installation Installation area and weight: ≥ 1 (length * width = 1x2) square meters, the total liquid-filled weight of the equipment is about 200Kg.
Preparing concentrated liquid automatic water inlet, deviation ≤1%
The compounding of concentrated liquid is controlled by PLC program. It adopts 7-inch full-color touch screen and simple operation interface, which is convenient for medical staff to operate.
Fully automatic liquid distribution program, automatic water injection, regular mixing, filling and other working modes; fully dissolve powder A and B, and prevent the loss of bicarbonate caused by excessive mixing of liquid B
Filter filter the undissolved particulate matter in dialysate, make dialysate meet the requirements of hemodialysis, effectively ensure the quality of concentrated liquid
Fully automatic flushing and one-button disinfection procedure control can effectively prevent bacterial breeding.
The disinfectant is open and the residual concentration of the disinfectant meets the requirements of the standard after the disinfection procedure is completed.
Valve components are all made of anti-corrosive material valves, which can withstand long immersion of highly corrosive liquids and have long service life.
The material of pipe fittings is made of health grade stainless steel 304 and 316L, which meets the requirements of corrosion resistance. 

Product Standard

1. The overall design conforms to the health standard.
2. Product design materials meet the requirements of hygiene and corrosion resistance.
3. Preparation of concentrate: water inlet error ≤1%.

Personalized Installation Design

1. Eddy current rotating mixing fully dissolves powder A and B. Regular mixing procedure and prevent the loss of bicarbonate caused by excessive mixing of B solution.
2. All valves are made of anti-corrosion materials, which can withstand long-term immersion of strong corrosive liquid and have long service life.
3. Filter: filter the undissolved particles in the dialysate to make the dialysate meet the requirements of hemodialysis and effectively ensure the quality of the concentrate.
4. One-key/full automatic disinfection program. After disinfection, the concentration of it participation meets the standard requirements.
5. The dispensing capacity can be arbitrarily selected to meet the needs of the hospital dialysis center.
6. Compact and integrated design to meet the combined installation requirements of various site conditions.

Automatic Control

1. PLC automatic control, 10 inch LCD touch screen online display, greatly convenient fro the user's operation.
2. Fully automatic liquid preparation program, with working modes of water injection, timing mixing, filling ect.; reduce the use risk caused by insufficient training.
3. Fully automatic washing and one key disinfection procedures to effectively prevent bacterial growth.

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