Haemodialysis Bloodlines

Features for replacement tube:

pic_15 Registered: Specifically designed for fulid infusion of blood purification, it’s the only independent brand registered in domestic manufacturer.

pic_15 Antireflux: Patent design of antireflux sheet used in adaptor, effectively preventing displacement liquid reflux.

Product Detail

Features of Bloodlines

pic_15 Smooth tube inner wall.
The blood cell damage and air bubbles generation are reduced.
pic_15 High-quality medical grade raw materials.
Excellent material,stable technical indicators and good biocompatibility.
pic_15 Excellent adaptability.
It can be used with models of various manufacturers, and the tube can be customized, and accessories such as drain bag and infusion set can be selected.
pic_15 Designed with ergonomic features.
pic_15 Dynamic blood flow.
pic_15 Sufficient color coded clamps.
pic_15 Transducer protector.
pic_15 Heparin infusion site with clamp.
pic_15 Patient's safety.
pic_15 Patient fistula's sufficiency and dislysis adequacy.
pic_15 Compatible with the most dialysis machine.

Model Applicable Machine Drip Chamber Capacity Pump Tube OD&ID
HDTUBE-20 Fresenius (small drip chamber), Gambro, B.Braun, Toray, Baxter, Nipro, JMS, Wesley etc. 20ml 12.2x8.2mm
HDTUBE-30 30ml 9.8x6.3mm
HDTUBE-50 Fresenius (big drip chamber), Gambro 50ml 8.0x6.0mm


Specification Style No. Pump Tube Length Applicable
Standard HDIT-01 320mm B.Braun, Gambro, Toray, Bellco, Wesley etc.
Unique HDIT-02 430mm Only for Fresenius dialysis machine

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