Hemodialysis Machine W-T6008S (On-Line HDF)

pic_15 Device Name: Haemodialysis Machine (HDF)

pic_15 Class of MDR: IIb

pic_15 Models: W-T6008S

pic_15 Configurations: the product is composed of circuit control system, monitoring system, blood extracorporeal circulation control system and hydraulic system, in which W-T6008S includes filter connector, replacement fluid connector, BPM and Bi-cart.

pic_15 Intended use: W-T6008S Hemodialysis Machine is used for HD and HDF dialysis treatment for adult patients with chronic renal failure in Medical Departments.

Product Detail


Intelligent operation system; Easy operation with visual and audio alarms; Multi-purpose service/maintenance interface; Profiling: sodium concentration and UF curve.
W-T6008S ensures the safety and efficiency during dialysis, provided comfortable dialysis treatment, which can use to: On-line HDF, HD and On-line HF.

pic_15 On-line HDF
pic_15 Adopted closed volume balance chamber, accurate ultrafiltration dehydration control;One-key low speed ultrafiltration: can set low speed UF, low speed UF working time, return to normal UF speed automatically after execution; support isolated UF, can modify the executed time and UF volume based on requirement while isolated UF.
pic_15 One-key dialyzer priming+ function
Can set priming time, priming dehydration volume which effective use of diffusion and convection mechanism to improve the priming effect of bloodlines and dialyzer and improve the dialysis adequacy.
pic_15 Intelligent automatic disinfection and cleaning procedure
pic_15 It can effectively prevent the deposition of calcium and protein in the pipeline of the machine, unnecessary to use sodium hypochlorite to remove protein which avoids the injury to medical personnel during the use of sodium hypochlorite.

pic_15 One-key drainage function
Convenient and practical one-key drainage function, automatically remove the waste liquid in the bloodline and dialyzer after dialysis treatment, which prevents waste liquid from spilling on the ground when dismantling the pipeline, effectively keep the treatment site clean and reduce the management and transportation cost of medical waste.
pic_15 Intelligent Haemodialysis device alarm system
pic_15 History record of alarm and disinfection
pic_15 15 inches LCD touch screen
pic_15 Kt/V evaluation
pic_15 Customized the Sodium and UF profiling parameter setting based on patients' actual treatment situation, which is convenient for clinical personalized treatment, patients will feel more comfortable during dialysis and reduce the incidence of common adverse reactions.

Technical Parameter

Size &Weight
Size 380mmx400x1380mm (L*W*H)
Net Weight approx. 88KG
Gross Weight approx. around 100KG
Package Size approx. 650×690×1581mm (L x W x H) 
Power supply
AC220V, 50Hz/60Hz, 10A 
Input power 1500W
Back-up battery 30 minutes
Working Condition
Water input pressure 0.1Mpa~0.6Mpa, 15P.S.I~60P.S.I
Water input temperature 5℃~30℃
Working environment temperature 10℃~30℃ at relative humidity ≦70%
UF rate
Flow range 0ml/h~4000ml/h
Resolution ratio 1ml
Precision ±30ml/h
Blood pump & substitution pump
Blood pump flow range 10ml/min~600ml/min (diameter: 8mm or 6mm)
Substitution pump flow range 10ml/min~300ml/min (diameter 8mm or 6mm)
Resolution ratio 0.1ml
Precision ±10ml or 10% of reading
Heparin pump
Syringe size 20, 30, 50ml
Flow range 0ml/h~10ml/h
Resolution ratio 0.1ml
Precision ±5%
Monitoring system &Alarm setup
Venous pressure -180mmHg ~ +600mmHg, ±10mmHg
Arterial pressure -380mmHg ~ +400mmHg, ±10mmHg
TMP -180mmHg ~ +600mmHg, ±20mmHg
Dialysate temperature preset range 34.0℃~39.0℃
Dialysate flow Less than 800 ml/min (Adjustable)
Substitution flow range 0-28 L/H (on line HDF)
Blood leak detection Photo chromic alarm when erythrocyte specific volume is 0.32±0.02 or blood leak volume is equal or more than 1ml per liter of dialysate.
Bubble detection Ultrasonic, Alarm when a single air bubble volume is more than 200μl at 200ml/min blood flow
Conductivity Acoustic-optic
1. Hot disinfection
Time: 30 minutes; Temperature: about 80℃, at flow rate 500ml/min;
2. Chemical disinfection 
Time: 30minutes, Temperature: about 36℃~50℃, at flow rate 500ml/min;
3. Chemical disinfection with heat 
Time: 45minutes, Temperature: about 36℃~80℃, at flow rate 50ml/min;
4. Rinse 
Time: 10minutes, Temperature: about 37℃, at flow rate 800ml/min;
Storage Environment 
Storage temperature should be between 5℃~40℃, at relative humidity ≦80% 
HDF, on-line BPM, Bi-cart and 2 pcs endotoxin filters  

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