RO Water Purification System

pic_15 Easy and convenient operation.

pic_15 Supply more high-quality RO water.

pic_15 Effective bacterial prevention.

Product Detail

R.O. Water Purification Machine Series

1. Meets or exceeds U.S. AAMI dialysis water standard and U.S.ASAIO dialysis water requirement.
2. Automatic and manual operation.
3. Automatic rinse cycle during standby mode.
4. Additional raw water tanks for reliable operation.
5. Double pass R.O. ( ultra-pure ) product water to meet HDF water quality requirements.
6. Automatic cleaning, disinfection and pure water recycling functions during standby mode to minimize bacteria growth.
8. Seamless R.O. casing to minimize the dead space within the reverse osmosis membranes.
9. High quality reverse osmosis membrane, high pressure pumps, UV sterilizers, controllers and other assembly parts.
System components:
Media filters (with automatic flushing device): remove particulate impurities, manganese ions.
Activated carbon filter (with automatic flushing device): clear chlorine organics ion.
Softening filters (with automatic flushing reproducing apparatus): clear calcium and magnesium ion, reducing raw water hardness.
The reverse osmosis hosts (imported reverse osmosis membrane components): removal ions, bacteria, heat, etc.
Constant pressure water supply of pure water supply section (full cycle).
Controller: automatic control system
Water production (L / H) 25 ℃ | the applicable number of beds.
Model L/h L×W×H (mm)) Support beds
WLS-ROⅠ-60 ≥60 600×400×600 2
WLS-ROⅠ-300 ≥300 1650×590×1640 9
WLS-ROⅠ-500 ≥500 1780×590×1640 16
WLS-ROⅠ-600 ≥600 1780×590×1640 18
WLS-ROⅠ-750 ≥750 1980×590×1640 24
WLS-ROⅠ-1000 ≥1000 2080×590×1640 32
WLS-ROⅠ-1250 ≥1250 2080×690×1640 40
WLS-ROⅠ-1500 ≥1500 2480×780×1640 48
WLS-ROⅠ-2000 ≥2000 2480×780×1640 64
WLS-ROⅠ-2500 ≥2500 2880×780×1640 80
WLS-ROⅡ-300 ≥150 1450×690×1300 9
WLS-ROⅡ-500 ≥300 2080×690×1640 16
WLS-ROⅡ-600 ≥500 2480×780×1640 18
WLS-ROⅡ-750 ≥750 2480×780×1640 24
WLS-ROⅡ-1000 ≥1000 2880×780×1640 32
WLS-ROⅡ-1250 ≥1250 2880×780×1640 40
WLS-ROⅡ-1500 ≥1500 2880×780×1640 48
WLS-ROⅡ-2000 ≥2000 3200×780×1640 64
WLS-ROⅡ-2500 ≥2500 3200×780×1640 80
Triple Pass: It is not just simply added one pass base on double pass but with its special tube design and automatic water distributing system, it could realize the countless times of purification.

Applicable Range

Produce RO water for hemodialysis.

Production Feature

Single/ double/ triple pass option, touch screen, automatic and manual operation, additional raw water tanks, automatic cleaning&disinfection, timed switch on/off, DOW membrane, copper free, night/holiday standby mode.

Capacity can be modified based on demand.

General Description

Name: RO pure water treatment machine for dialysis.
Water capacity: based on customer's request.
Rated voltage: AC 380V/400V/415V/240V, 50/60Hz; 3-Phase 4-wire./(depends on clients' detail situation).
Desalination rate: 99.8%.
Recovery rate: 65%-85%.
Ion removal rate: 99.5%
Bacteria & endotoxin remove rate: 99.8%
Working temperature: 5-40°C.
Tech adopted: pretreatment + RO system
Pre-treatment: Sand filter, Active carbon filter, Water softener.
Control: PLC control system adopted.


Warning alarms when anomalous water level/ pressure. Protect from low/high pressure, short/open circuit, leakage and over current. Timing RO auto wash.

Pure Water Quality

















Heavy metal




Working Process

Source booster pump → sands filter → active carbon filter → water softener → PP filter → high-pressure pump→ RO system →water using points.

Detail Introduction

pic_15 Booster Pump
Provide power for pretreatment & RO system. Boosters pump in the whole system adopt Chinese famous brand or other international brands (optional), which has high quality and long service life. SUS material.
pic_15 Sand Filter
Different size of quartz sand will be put in the sand filter. Get rid of turbidity, suspended solids, organic matter, colloid, etc. in the water.
pic_15 Active Carbon Filter
Remove color, free chloride, organic matter, harmful matter, etc. Remove 99% of the chlorine and organic chemicals. Provide enhanced reduction of taste, odor, and color. Protect and prolong the life of RO seawater desalination membrane.
pic_15 Water Softener
Soft and reduce the hardness of water, make it healthy for dialysis.
pic_15 PP Filter
Prevent any deposition of large particles, for holding back any large particulates such as iron, dust, SS, impurity into the RO membrane.
pic_15 High Pressure Pump
Provide power for RO system, equipped with over-heat, protect and pressure controller. Pump in the whole system adopt Chinese famous brand or other international brands (optional), which has high quality and long service life. SUS material.
pic_15 RO System
Adopts high desalination rate USA world famous DOW membrane to treat water and get clean water for human consumption. It removes the following water contaminants that may be present in water: lead, cooper, barium, chromium, mercury, sodium, cadmium, fluoride, nitrite, nitrate, and selenium.
pic_15 Electrical Control System
All pipeline & fittings adopted in the whole plant are anti-corrosion material.
Wire and cable will make use of CN famous brand which have good quality and long service life.

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